What is Tron?

Tron - or TRX Protocol - is a blockchain-based platform that aims to offer digital entertainment functionalities and sharing of digital content. User can access decentralized applications that are built on top of the distributed storage technology.

TRON uses the DPoS consensus algorithm and account model (ordinary account, token account, contract account) to meet fast account entry, and at the same time create a resource model without account fees, using a bandwidth + energy resource model, and allowing the projects to borrow resources to avoid the dilemma of ordinary users who cannot use DApps.  

The entire TRON blockchain runs on the TRON virtual machine (TVM). TVM is currently compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and it is planned to be compatible with the EOS virtual machine in the future.

The TRX ecosystem aims to provide compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts through a pluggable smart contract platform.

What is Tron TRX bandwidth, energy? 

Every transaction on TRON needs bandwidth similar to other blockchains that need their users to pay transaction fees. Not enough bandwidth means you won’t be able to access dApps, where you might want to make several smaller transactions without having to worry about using your TRX tokens in the process. 

TRON Network Bandwidth Points enjoy 5000 BP of bandwidth resources per account every 24 hours for free. If frequent transactions are required, a certain amount of TRX needs to be frozen to obtain additional bandwidth or use TRX to pay directly. When you generate a transaction, the system will preferentially consume the bandwidth resources you obtained by freezing TRX. If it is insufficient, you will consume your free quota resources.

Energy is used to operate and create smart contracts on the TRON network. Smart contracts consume Energy in addition to bandwidth. 

Smart contracts take time to run in a virtual machine, and the time consumed in the system is calculated in microseconds. CPU resources are consumed in the form of energy. Therefore one Energy is defined as one microsecond. If the contract takes 100 microseconds to execute in the VM, it will consume 100 Energy. Energy can only be obtained by freezing TRX. 

Be sure you have enough of both when moving your tokens around.

How do I vote TRON Super Representatives? 

TRON Super Representatives (SR) are the top 27 spokespeople, community pillars, and general advocates of the TRON ecosystem. Super Representatives are in charge of producing blocks for the TRON network, as well as its governance.  

Every account in the TRON network can vote for the super representatives they support. Voting requires TRON Power (TP), which is determined by the user's frozen balance. 

Freeze 1 TRX = 1 

Once the balance is unfrozen, the corresponding TP number will be lost, which means that the previous vote will be invalidated. You can refreeze the balance to make the vote effective again. 

You can click https://dapp.newpool.io/tron/  to vote on Super Representatives. 

What are TRC10 and TRC20 tokens?

TRC10 is a TRON system-level token, which is characterized by low resources consumed by transfers. The 7-digit ID number does not have a contract address. For example, BitTorrent (BTT).

TRC20 is a TRON smart contract token. The rules of the standard contract are consistent with ERC20 tokens in Ethereum. Transfers of TRC20 require more resources. One example of an TRC20 token is WINK (WIN). 

Where does Tron come from?

TRON Foundation was established in September 2017 by current CEO Justin Sun. However, the history of TRX itself starts with the launch of the Tron mainnet on June 25, 2018 initiated by the TRX Independent Group (TIG). TIG is a community consensus-based group, consisting of 27 anonymous, volunteer Genesis Representatives (GR).  

Tron is continued to be developed by a dedicated in-house development team of the Singapore based non-profit organization called Tron Foundation, headed by CEO Justin Sun.

How can I store my Tron?

While exchanges are fast set-up storages, funds are out of the user’s control and can be hacked. Software and hardware wallets on the other hand offer the user to hold Tron TRX on their own devices: Laptops, desktop or mobile phones. imToken offers a mobile wallet app to securely store your Tron TRX as well as other currencies on your own phone. Download and try it yourself! 

What features does Tron’s TRX have?

Tron promises an especially high throughput of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS). That makes the network also highly scalable. Both make applications easy to use on TRX. 

On top, Tron brings high availability, which means that user assets are reliably stored on the network.

How is BitTorrent related to Tron TRX? 

BitTorrent Inc.(owned by TRX) is an Internet technology company that designs distributed technologies. BitTorrent aims to issue its own tokens on the TRX network in the future.