How to Create an EOS Account

EOS utilises an account system with a resource staking mode, any actions executed on the EOS blockchain consumes resources, including the creation of EOS accounts. To complete the EOS account creation process, another EOS wallet with sufficient EOS is required to pay for the required resources.

Enter “Manage Wallets” page, tap “EOS-Wallet” followed by “Register for an EOS account” to go to the registration page.

The pubilc key will be displayed at the registration page, please input the desired EOS account name (12 characters consisting of only a-z and 1-5).

Next, you can choose one out of the following different registration ways:

Pay with ETH, Self-registration

If you wish to proceed with this method for account creation, simply click on the blue button and you will be brought to the confirmation page with the required ETH amount. Click “Next” and input the wallet password to complete the account creation.

Holder of TFT (imToken Fans Token), Free Account Creation

If the ETH wallet has equal or more than 3 TFT (imToken Fans Token), the user will be eligible for one free EOS account creation. Click on the “Register for an EOS account”, at the payment page, the amount required to pay is 0 ETH. Simply click next with wallet password to complete the free account registration process.

Share the QR Code with A Friend to Assist with Account Creation

If users choose this method for EOS account creation, click on the “Share” to share the QR code with a friend to assist with the account creation.