imToken 2.0 supports transactions under two optional addresses - SegWit address and the General BTC address.

When importing a Bitcoin wallet, you can choose the type of address to be imported. After importing the wallet, you can also switch the address type according to your preferences.

Operation steps:

1.Tap the "..." button on the top right corner of the BTC wallet to enter the "Manage" page 


2.Click the "Toggle Address Type"

3.Select "General", enter the wallet password, you can switch to the general address begins with 1. If you select "Segwit", after entering the wallet password, you can switch to the Segwit address that begins with 3.



  1. Segwit address transactions require less miner fees than General address transactions
  2. The assets of the General address and the Segwit address are not interoperable. But if you want to transfer the asset to another address, you just simply make a transaction to do it