imToken is a decentralized wallet that does not store the user's wallet private key or mnemonic phrase, nor does it store user assets. If assets in your wallet are stolen, you should:

  1. Realize that the wallet private key or mnemonic phrase has been leaked, you should immediately create a new wallet and backup the new wallet.
  2. Transfer the assets from your old wallet to the new wallet as soon as possible.
  3. Recall in which situations you might have leaked your wallet private key or mnemonic phrase.
  4. Immediately call your local police and ask them for help.

We are very sorry for what you have encountered. Before you ask imToken for help, there are a few things we need to explain first:

  1. imToken is a decentralized wallet, it indicates that imToken does not help user to store the private key, nor does it help user to manage their assets.
  2. Again, imToken is a decentralized wallet. We don’t collect users personal information like names or phone numbers, so we may not be able to provide evidence that is useful for the case.
  3. Be sure to provide detailed information to the police and imToken, do not hide the information nor avoid responsibility.

Please send all the detailed information to,we have security experts to respond to your request and deal with it.