Open the official website of imToken and download the latest version of imToken

Attention: Before downloading, please make sure the URL of imToken official website is correct and to avoid falling into the trap of phishing websites.

Tips: To avoid phishing websites, we suggest you to enter the official website URL ( manually. If you search through Google, Baidu and other search engines, you must also check the URL. After confirming that you have bookmarked the official website page, next time you want to open the official website you can click the bookmark to enter it quickly. 

How to download imToken with iPhones?

You can download imToken via Apple store


  • Do not use an Apple ID from an unknown third party
  • Do not turn on the iCloud backup function. If your backup method is wrong, such as taking screenshots of mnemonics and saving them in a phone memo, it will cause the mnemonics to be recorded on iCloud.

How to download imToken with Android phones?

Android users can log in to the official website ( with a mobile browser and click the "Download Installation Package" button. In addition, you can also download and install imToken through Google Play.

Android users need to be careful not to use the phone that has been rooted, and do not use some functions like deep-cleaning, it may result in mobile phone files corruption or loss which will make imToken unavailable.