Decentralized wallets are just that, decentralized. All user authentication content, such as transaction password, Private key, Mnemonic, etc. are stored on local devices (decentralized) not stored on the centralized servers. If you forget the password, there is no way to reset it through a third party agency (such as the imToken team).

The password was set when creating the wallet. If you forget the password, you can reset it. The only way to reset the password is to import your wallet by mnemonic or private key and change the password. If you didn't backup your wallet with Mnemonic or private key, I'm afraid you can't get your password back or reset it. Try harder to recall your password.


If the identity wallet password is forgotten, you can only delete the App, use the identity (mnemonic) to recover your identity wallet, and set a new password. 


If create/import wallet password is forgotten, you need re-importing wallet again, and set a new password.


Confirm that the mnemonic or private key has been backed up before this process.